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Anecto prove efficacy of revolutionary rugby head guard

Posted in Featured News on 24th November 2016


Revolutionary impact reducing rugby head guard and how we proved it worked

An amazing new rugby training head guard can reduce frontal impacts by up to 75% and independent test laboratory Anecto has been able to prove it.

Developed by Mark and Sandra Ganly with the intention of reducing the impacts that rugby players experience during training and throughout long careers, the N-Pro head guard is a CE marked medical device.

Anecto designed the test requirements in conjunction with N-Pro and then aided them in the design and development of the custom built test equipment required. The resulting tests – which included impact and shock tests – examined the effectiveness of the head guard’s impact resistance.

Two of the main risk factors associated with sports induced mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI) are ‘linear’ and ‘rotational’ acceleration.

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Anecto’s testing revealed that the head gear significantly reduced linear or frontal impacts by up to 75% while rotational or ‘glancing’ impacts were reduced by up to 55%.

While there is currently no clinical evidence yet to prove that the head gear reduces concussion in athletes, our tests have shown that two of the main risk factors have been significantly reduced. This in itself is a substantial step in the right direction to perhaps eliminating head trauma from rugby in the future.