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26 Feb 2016 One test is worth 1000 expert opinions

Ahead of Anecto’s attendance at the ‘Med-Industry and Pharma Day’ in Würzburg, Germany next Wednesday 02 March, we have highlighted our service offerings in a short article in influential German industry magazine DeviceMed.
The following is the English translation of that article.
One test is worth 1000 expert opinions
Anecto is an independent ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory offering testing and support […]

10 Feb 2016 MedDev and Pharma partnerships – an informative article

Anecto’s Mike Bachmann has contributed to an informative article on the positives of more partnership between the Pharma and MedDev industries in German language magazine DeviceMed.
The article explores how despite very different regulatory and developmental environments, the Pharma and Med Dev sides of the healthcare industry would produce a lot more opportunities through increased cooperation.
Mike Bachmann’s contribution […]