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About Anecto

About Anecto

Anecto | Your complete product reliability partner

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ISTA certified laboratory | packaging | medical device | energy

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Anecto Ltd is an independent ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory offering a wide scope of product and packaging testing and support services. From its founding in 1994 as an Electronics device test laboratory, Anecto has developed into a company that operates in multiple business sectors including:

  • Medical Device
  • Medical Packaging
  • Medical Equipment
  • General Packaging
  • Automotive
  • Power Electronics
  • Energy & Renewables

Today Anecto offers a full range of services that support companies in their efforts to increase product reliability and reduce the risk of failure throughout the product lifecycle.


Testing Support Services:

Our Services, whilst sector dependent, are all based on the principle of improving product reliability. We can support your activities in the areas of reliability and lifecycle management, packaging optimisation, usability studies, failure analysis, repair and upgrade, risk management and regulatory compliance.

Product testing:

From Medical Devices and Medical Equipment, through Energy sector products, to complex electronic and mechanical products. We test to International Standards, or to your requirements, as appropriate. Anecto offer the most comprehensive range of tests available.

Packaging Testing:

We partner with a wide range of client companies to support their packaging needs. These companies range from start-ups to leading multinational organisations. The supports we offer include a full range of packaging testing services; packaging design and optimisation support; as well as packaging remediation. We are proud to work with over 80% of the Global Top 20 medical device companies.

Custom Test Equipment:

If the test equipment you require is non-standard, then Anecto should be your first port of call. We specialise in creating equipment that gives our customers the exact solution to their testing needs in fields as diverse as micro flow and leak to high power energy solutions.

Repair and Upgrade:

Whether your needs are primarily driven by regulatory pressures as in the Medical Equipment sector, or by sheer economics as in the Renewable Energy sector, Anecto are a perfect partner of choice for repair. No other provider is likely to understand reliability in the same way or be able to test as we can. The difference shows in up-time.

Anecto is a leading provider of independent testing services and consulting to product developers, designers and manufacturers. At the very core of Anecto is our expertise in testing. Our ISO 17025 accredited test facility is supported by experienced technicians and engineers to provide a comprehensive range of testing services to ensure your product meets reliability requirements and complies with stringent industry standards.


Anecto was founded in 1994.

From our roots as an Electronics device test laboratory, Anecto developed into a company that operates in a wide range of business sectors including Medical and Life Sciences, Power Electronics, Energy, Electronics and Mechanical and Packaging.

Anecto are trusted test experts and an industry leader in the provision of Testing and Reliability Consulting Services.

Today Anecto offers a full range of testing services and consultancy that support companies in our efforts to increase product reliability thus reducing the risk of failure. Anecto offers these supports throughout your product lifecycle.

ERDF Key Manager grant (2015):

ERDA,European Regional Development Fund ESIF logo


Project: A Key Manager has been co-funded in this company by the European Regional Development Fund and Enterprise Ireland under the Border, Midland and Western Regional Operational Programme 2014-2020.

Aims: To recruit a new Key Manager who will bring skills into the company that are critical to future growth.

Results: The Key Manager commenced employment and is contributing to improvements in company productivity and to changes in output to meet defined market requirements.

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