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Anecto is  certified to ISO9001 by the NSAI and an accredited test laboratory to ISO17025 by INAB. We provide design, test and validation services at each stage of the product life cycle from concept design right through to repair and warranty.

With over 20 years of experience testing electronics based products, our customers include leading automotive manufacturers such as BMW, VW, PSA, Daimler and JLR. Our experienced team of engineers and technicians have a high level of knowledge on automotive test protocols and standards including IEC68, ASTM, ISTA, Mil, ETSI, JEDEC.

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Anecto can offer unrivalled flexibility combined with excellent industry specific knowledge and experience of the automotive industry which will reduce your test support work load and ultimately reduce your costs.

  • Exposure  Testing: IP Testing, including IPX6K, IPX9K, Salt Spray, Dust (IP5X, IP6X)
  • Accelerated Stress Testing:  Vibration testing (With Temperature), Various Climatic Tests including Controlled Temperature and humidity cycling
  • Environmental Performance Testing: Humidity, and Altitude Simulation Testing, as well as Thermal Aging, Thermal Shock Testing and Thermal Cycling, Controlled and automated splash testing with Temperature (K-12).
  • Accelerated Stress Testing : HALT, HASS, HAST
  • Mechanical tests including Tensile testing, Drop/Impact  testing and Shock Testing,
  • Vibration  Multi-axis Vibration testing, including vibration with temperature superimposed
  • EMC Emissions testing 18m x 13m ALSE, UN ECE-R10, 72/245/ECC, 2009/19/EC – Transient Immunity ISO 7637-1/2, Radiated immunity – Radio testing FCC/EN/ETSI *

Design and Consultancy Services:

  • DFX- Evaluation and guidance on Design for reliability, manufacturing, Test
  • Fixture design, build and associated support
  • Test automation design, build and validation
  • Reliability Prediction Analysis e.g MTBF
  • CE and E Marking

Anecto is the partner of choice for companies designing and manufacturing automotive products. As electronics based product reliability is coming more and more into the focus of the automotive industry, DV and PV project managers have a challenge in meeting the increased test and validation demands which are placed upon them. Engaging Anecto at the very beginning of the product life cycle, provides the expertise and flexible test services that will ensure time lines are met and best practice is adhered to.

*Through our NSAI registered partner, we also provide EMC testing and technical service for gaining approvals such as E marking.

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