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Temperature & Humidity Testing

Anecto offer a full range of temperature testing and humidity testing services to ensure your product reliability.

What is Humidity Testing?

Exposing products to humidity stress in an environmental chamber precipitates corrosion by causing oxidation, contamination and electromigration defects. Humidity can penetrate porous materials causing leakage between electrical conductors. Moisture can cause swelling in material and it is also an important stress factor when evaluating coatings and seals.

What is Temperature Testing?

Our environmental test chambers provide a broad range of temperature tests (high temperature, low temperature, thermal cycling, etc).

To understand how our temperature or humidity test chambers can be of benefit to your product, contact Anecto today.

What are your Temperature / Humidity testing needs?

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Case Study – Emerson Network Power

Case Study

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How Anecto developed a number of innovative solutions for the leading multinational Emerson Network Power.