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Environmental Testing

Products are required to perform their intended functions in dynamic and adverse conditions. Environmental testing will significantly enhance product reliability by identifying the root cause of product weakness in the design stage. This will result in reduced field failures, minimising the high risk of warranty costs and improved customer satisfaction. The environmental tests outlined are tailor made to detect most if not all of the potential failure modes and to achieve optimum results.

Environmental Testing laboratory

Anecto offer a full suite of Accelerated Stress Tests (AST) and accelerated life testing which review the long term reliability of your product or equipment. Our ISO 17025 accredited test facilities use modern environmental test chambers which test for a wide range of environmental factors which typically cause products to fail from infancy to End of Life. These include:

Mechanical Testing

Climatic Testing

Combined Environmental Testing

Transportation Testing

Transportation testing provides a very effective basis for evaluating in a laboratory setting the ability of shipping units to withstand the distribution environment. This is accomplished by subjecting the units to a sequence of anticipated hazards that may be encountered when distributed around the world. The key methods of testing are outlined as follows:

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Case Study – Emerson Network Power


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Wie Anecto eine Vielzahl an innovativen Lösungen für das führende multinationale Unternehmen Emerson Network Power entwickelte.