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Standard change for Single Parcel Delivery Systems

The ASTM has introduced new changes to the standard practice for ‘Performance Testing of Packages for Single Parcel Delivery Systems’.

The changes to bring ASTM D7386 – 12 to the latest revision ASTM D7386 – 16 include:

  • Section 10.1.1 (which refers to all specimen sizes) deleted the word ‘small’ in small parcel to read ‘parcel’. The same revision was made in Section 11.2.2. Section 11 also applies to all specimen sizes.
  • Section 11.1 added:
    If more detailed information is available on the transport vibration environment or the damage history of the shipping unit, it is recommended that the following vibration procedure be modified to use such information
  • Section 11.4.1 changed faces and vibration time to align with ISTA 3A. Test face is defined as face 3 the option to test face 1 has been removed
  • Section 11.4.2 was deleted.

Lower Res

  • Figure 6 was revised for the typographical error at the 4Hz level. Correction to PSD 4Hz level in figure 6 from 0.35 to 0.035.
  • Section 12.3.1 Bridge Impact special instructions and Table 3 velocities, drop heights, and weights were revised to reflect the changes in the reference test method: D5265 (2009) D5265 Test Method for Bridge Impact Testing. Schedule I had reflected the data per D5265: (2003) Test Method for Bridge Impact Testing. Revised Schedule J-Hazard Drop/ Table 4, section 13; velocities, drop heights, and weights to reflect the changes in test method: D5265 (2009). Schedule J had reflected the data per D5265: (2003) Test Method for Bridge Impact Testing.
  • Deleted section 13.2 in an attempt to minimise confusion over how samples are supported. Subsequent sections have been renumbered to maintain proper sequence.
  • Section 15.2.3 revised metric equivalent (762mm) to the correct value of 914.4 mm for 4.0 ft-lbs.
  • Clarification on Schedule N, section 17.2: added text Perform one rotational edge drop from each opposite supported edge to define the number of impacts and package member to be tested.
  • Performed general typographical and formatting corrections.
    More detail on the standard can be found on the ASTM website.

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