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DuPont White Paper about New Tyvek

Posted in Medical & Life Sciences News Packaging on 28th November 2018

With the release of Tyvek 40L, DuPont has provided the medical device and pharmaceutical industry with a more budget friendly option for their product packaging.

This paper, released October 2018, details Phase I of the comprehensive study to evaluate the performance of flexible form-fill-seal (FFS) blisters made with either Tyvek® 2FS™, the new Tyvek® 40L or one of two commonly used medical-grade papers (Reinforced Medical-Grade Paper >80g or Direct Seal Medical-Grade Paper 60g). A total of approximately 2,800 packages were tested in two study phases.

Medical Device Package Testing Case Study—The Importance of Thorough Package Performance Evaluation to Support Compliance with the New Medical Device Regulations (MDR)

Anecto conducted all testing for Study Phase 2, which will be detailed in a separate white paper. Tests included visual inspection, seal integrity evaluation (dye penetration and bubble leak testing) and seal strength testing. Package testing was performed pre- and post-sterilization (EO and Gamma) and post environmental conditioning (considering standard and wet conditions that may occur during transport) with subsequent transportation testing (shipper and pallet testing).

Download the white paper here