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Case Study

How Anecto developed a number of innovative solutions for leading multinational Emerson Network Power


A software upgrade was required on an Emerson power product due to changes in regulatory standards. Product information stored on an internal chip needed to be revised. This product information was normally written by automated factory test equipment used for functionally testing the product at the time of manufacture. However, the units were manufactured at various locations throughout Asia. Shipping existing installed product back to the factories for upgrades would have been costly and time consuming so Emerson reached out to Anecto to understand if a more efficient solution could be developed at a regional level.


Anecto set up a dedicated line at the company’s facility in Galway, where staff could carry out upgrades in an efficient and cost effective manner.
To address the software issue, Anecto’s engineering team developed their own test software that would update the product information on the internal chips without the need for a recall to source.
All of the challenges set out by Emerson were completed to strict deadlines and met the highest quality standards for both Anecto and their customer. The work was completed on time and delivered considerable cost savings to the customer.


The high standard of work for Emerson has continued to breed strong levels of customer satisfaction over the years. In 2011 the company rewarded Anecto’s faultless reliability with a ‘Consider It Solved’ Award. Presented to Managing Director Frank Cashman by Emerson Network Power’s Vice President for Global Quality, Chris Morris, the award signified Anecto’s commitment to the highest standard of customer service and proactive problem solving.

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Case Study – Emerson Network Power

Case Study

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How Anecto developed a number of innovative solutions for the leading multinational Emerson Network Power.