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Reliability Testing

Anecto’s ISO 17025:2005 accredited test facility provides high power system testing services, including converter and inverter assembly testing from gate driver cards to complete system tests.

Reliability stress testing includes:

  • Temperature Cycling
  • Random and Sinusoidal vibration
  • Thermal and mechanical shock
  • HALT (Highly Accelerated Stress Testing)

Functional & Dynamic Testing

Prior to product shipment ALL products are subjected to a comprehensive functional test to original design specifications. This testing is critical to overall product quality and reliability.

Functional testing is a kind of quality assurance performance testing that bases its test cases on the specifications of the component under test. To simulate the application environment, Repaired Parts are subjected to dynamic testing. Power Converter parts are subjected to dynamic load / stress tests over a period of time.

The combination of Functional and Dynamic Testing ensures that the highest quality criteria are being attained.

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Case Study

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