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Electronics and Mechanical Case Studies

Anecto Ltd has over 15 years of HALT experience. The following three case studies outline how product failures manifested themselves at the Anecto test laboratory through HALT testing.

Serious design flaws were discovered during testing for three separate companies. Two of the companies fixed the problems found resulting in huge savings and high levels of customer satisfaction. The third company profiled in this case study did not fix the fault found during tests resulting in serious failures in the field and a major product recall.


Modeling and adapting production environmental stress testing at Alcatel-Lucent

A recent study carried out by leading telecommunications provider Alcatel-Lucent and Trinity College Dublin has extensively used Anecto’s HALT expertise during the design and manufacture of telecommunications and electronic equipment to enhance their product reliability….
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How our rigorous HALT testing prevented a leading telecom company from a complete product recall

A major telecoms company performed HALT on one of their very complex and expensive products which consisted of several large plug-in cards secured to a large backplane…. read more


How Anecto reduced product failures from 7% to less than 0.5% in major telecom’s company

A major telecoms company had a product with complex Ethernet and Token ring capabilities which was critical to their business. They were shipping the product throughout the globe but the failure rate was in the region of 5 to 7% resulting in very unsatisfied customers…. read more


Why ignoring HALT results led to a complete product recall for an electronic company

When performing HALT on a swipe card reader used in shops etc. a problem was found during random vibration. A small daughter card plugged into a motherboard would come loose at high vibration levels…. read more


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Case Study – Emerson Network Power

Case Study

Emerson Network Power logo

How Anecto developed a number of innovative solutions for the leading multinational Emerson Network Power.