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Case Study

How Anecto reduced product failures from 7% to less than 0.5% in major telecom’s company


A major telecoms company had a product with complex Ethernet and Token ring capabilities which was critical to their business. They were shipping the product throughout the globe but the failure rate was in the region of 5 to 7% resulting in very unsatisfied customers. This was unacceptable and very costly so the CEO of the company asked Anecto to investigate the issue.


Anecto made a presentation to the senior management and senior engineering staff and proposed a HALT on the product followed by a HASS. This work was performed and many changes including a new board and component layout changes were made thanks to the weaknesses found by Anecto during testing.


When all of the above testing was performed, customer failures dropped significantly to the region of less than 0.5%.

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Case Study – Emerson Network Power

Case Study

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How Anecto developed a number of innovative solutions for the leading multinational Emerson Network Power.