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Case Study

Why ignoring HALT results led to a complete product recall for an electronics company


When performing HALT on a swipe card reader used in shops etc. a problem was found during random vibration. A small daughter card plugged into a motherboard would come loose at high vibration levels. In practice it was very difficult to remove the card in question manually without a lot of force. The design engineers chose to ignore the problem insisting that the product would never see the levels of vibration apparent during HALT.


Anecto engineers explained that the vibration levels to which the product was being exposed was a time compression test performed at high G levels in a short period of time. They explained that if the problem was not fixed it would arise in practice during the early life of the product. The customer chose to ignore this advice and shipped the product without fixing the apparent design flaw.


This resulted in a very high failure rate during the first six months of the product’s life. The consequences were a total product recall and a heavy loss to their competition. In the end the product was cancelled at a large cost and the company in question went out of business about a year after the disaster.

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