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Case Studies


Discovering transport issues led a well-known food company to achieve substantial savings

A well-known food provider was shipping product from the UK to Ireland on a daily basis. As part of a cost saving measure they wanted to move from stacking pallets two high, to three high in order to reduce their shipping expenditure. Their product was being compromised however and it was arriving to customers in a damaged state. See how Anecto discovered the issue…. Read more


packaging redesign cost this food company thousands

A major ice cream manufacturer was experiencing problems with a new packaging system. Lids were coming off tubs in the freezer and customers were not purchasing the lidless units leading to the recall of large quantities of product. See how Anecto helped solve its design challenge…. Read more


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Case Study – Emerson Network Power

Case Study

Emerson Network Power logo

How Anecto developed a number of innovative solutions for the leading multinational Emerson Network Power.