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Case Study 3

Packaging Compression Case Study 1

Industrial Packaging’s 470mm x 855mm fibre drum is a perfectly designed robust container for dangerous goods transport. This was proved when Anecto performed stack and drop tests on the fibre drum which performed beyond expectations.

The test sequence was performed under a number of international dangerous goods standards. These included UN recommendations on the transport of dangerous goods, 16th Revised Edition 2009, chapter 6.1 part 6.1.5 and in particular sections and and in accordance with ISO 16104:2003.

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The drum’s packaging had a poly liner bag and a plastic lid retained on a fibre chimb by a steel lever clamp. The contents of the drums for drop testing were a mixture of plastics, granules, sand and vermiculite for granular solids. The drums for stack testing were tested empty.

The drop tests were carried out using a Lansmont PDT227 Drop Tester and included individual 1.8m drop tests both horizontally and diagonally onto the top chimb/closure, side seam and bottom chimb/bottom.

The single stack load test required 252kg, as per the standard’s maximum density requirement of 0.7gm/cm³ however the client requested a higher maximum density of 1.0gm/cm³. This meant that a three drum stack load of 1066kg was applied to the drum under test.

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The drum not only passed all these tests but was able to withstand the maximum two tonne force that could be applied by the compression tester!
This proves that Industrial Packaging Ltd.’s 470mm x 855mm fibre drum is a strong and robust container perfectly suited to dangerous goods transport.

The test was carried out by Anecto, an independent ISO 17025 accredited test laboratory with over 15 years’ experience testing for the transport and packaging sectors. Anecto is the only independent laboratory in Ireland with the authority to carry out dangerous goods testing.

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