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Trusted Test Experts

Accredited Test Laboratory, Reliability Consultancy and Technical Services Company

  • Medical & Life Sciences

    Innovative testing services in Device Testing, Device Packaging, Medical Electronics and Custom Test Equipment.

    Medical & Life Sciences

  • Energy

    Providing Technical Services in areas such as Power Management, Automation and Control for clients in the Industrial, Power Generation, Renewables and Alternate Energy Sectors.


  • Electronics & Mechanical

    A trusted provider of specialist testing services for the Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace and Telecoms industry.

    Electronics &

  • Packaging

    Providing standard and custom developed packaging tests to meet your requirements.


Anecto are an independent ISO 17025 accredited Test Laboratory offering a wide scope of testing and consultancy services.

From our roots as an Electronics device test laboratory, Anecto developed into a company that operates in a wide range of business sectors including Medical and Life Sciences, Power Electronics, Energy, Electronics and Mechanical and Packaging.

Anecto are trusted test experts and an industry leader in the provision of Testing and Reliability Consulting Services.

Today Anecto offers a full range of testing services and consultancy that support companies in our efforts to increase product reliability thus reducing the risk of failure. Anecto offers these supports throughout your product lifecycle.

Sectors we serve

Anecto are your complete independent product lifecycle reliability partner in Medical Device and Life-sciences, Energy, Electronics and Mechanical and Packaging sectors. With our experience, accreditations, and know-how, we are the natural choice to support your product lifecycle needs, using both standard and custom testing processes. Our test facilities are state of the art and our knowledge base is world class.

Our Sectors Include:

Build confidence in the reliability of your product – Talk to our trusted team of test and reliability experts for your product performance, reliability, testing, regulatory and repair requirements.




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